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expense claim reimbursement

eHR eClaim is a online claim and reimbursement software.  This application help the HR personal in automating the claim workflow and approval process.
This application make the whole claim workflow paperless.
This application fully automates the approval routing and ensures that the transactions are transferred directly into a range of payroll software without any further checking or manual data entry.


Online Claim Features
1. Ease of use.
2. Improve the efficiency of your expense claim system for all employees.
3. Reduce manpower and manual updates.
4. Easily enforce company expense policies.
5. Tracks and manages employee expense claim with minimal administration and maximum efficiency.
6. Employee can submit and attach multiple claim supporting documents into system for verification and approval.
7. Web-based Interface, Access Anytime & Anywhere.
HR Admin Features
1. Certain Claim Type like Medical Claim, Company Events Claim can be configure to send to HR office or HR manager or Finance Department for Final Verification and Approval.
2. HR Admin can on behalf helping employee submitting a claim.
Manager Features
1. Manager can approve or reject the subordinate claim application.
2. Manager can view the submitted claim supporting documents like taxi receipt, air ticket, hotel invoice, petrol receipt etc.
3. Manager can view subordinate claim balance and claim application history.
4. Manager can delegrate the same in the line or other employee like assistant manager during the offsite period.


Employee Feature
1. Employee can submit claim using web browser, iPhone, tablet, android and smart phone.
2. Employee can submit supporting document like Taxi Receipt, Invoice, Air Ticket etc along with the claim application for verification purpose.
3. Employee can check their claim application approval status, is approved or is pending which approver.
4. Employee can login to self service portal to change their password.
Claim Software Utility
1. Approved Claim is automatic import to payroll module for payroll reimbursement.
2. Email notification for the claim application status.
3. Paperless environment, all the supporting documents is scanned by employee and is saved into the servers for record and audit purpose.
4. Claim application report, claim history report can be generated.