eHR eLeave is a web-based leave application and approver system. This application provides a total solution for one of the most time consuming areas of leave management.

With the eLeave software, any leave type (annual leave, medical leave, hospitalization leave, child care leave, maternity leave etc) can be approved by respective supervisors, respective department via local or online web-based system.

It allows employees to request, track, plan and manage their own leave activities.

eLeave Features
1. Tracks and manages employee leave with minimal administration and maximum efficiency.
2. Leave type is highly configurable and can facilitate multiple leave type like earn Annual Leave,
MOM rules leave like Medical Leave, Child Care Leave, Maternity Leave etc.
3. Head of Department can easily monitor and plan their subordinates absent schedule.
4. Web-based Interface, Access Anytime & Anywhere.
HR Admin Features
1. Certain Leave Type like Medical Leave, Hospitalization Leave can be configure to send to HR office or HR manager for Final Verification and Approval.
2. HR Admin can help company issue block leave, mean preventing the employee from applying leave during company important events like company dinner & dance and company stock tag etc.
3. HR Admin can adjust or credit leave to the employee. Like credit one day annual leave off-in-lieu on public holiday.
4. Based on the Year of Service, HR Admin can configure number of leave entitlement for different group of employees.
Manager Features
1. Manager can approve or reject the subordinate leave application.
2. Manager can view the submitted leave supporting documents like medicial certificate (MC) for Medical Leave, ROM certificate for Marriage Leave etc.
3. Manager can view subordinate leave balance and leave application history.
4. Manager can delegrate the same in the line or other employee like assistant manager during the offsite period.
Employee Feature
1. Employee can apply leave using web browser, iPhone, tablet, android and smart phone.
2. Employee can submit supporting document like Medical Certificate, ROM Certificate, along with the leave application for verification purpose.
3. Employee can check their leave application approval status, is approved or is pending which approver.
4. Employee can view the same department colleage leave schedule, can plan their leave in advance. Employee can discuss the leave schedule among themselve prior to leave application
5. Employee can login to self service portal to change their password.
leave supporting document medical certificate
leave supporting document medical certificate
Leave Software Utility
1. Approved leave is automatic interface with attendance module and payroll module.
2. Email notification for the leave application status.
3. Paperless environment, all the supporting documents is scanned by employee and is saved into the servers for record purpose.
4. User can submit the business trip information into the leave portal to update company their whereabouts and activities schedules.
5. Leave application reportleave balance report, leave history report can be generated. Can be group by department, section, branch etc.