Payroll Software

payroll software
payroll software

eHR Payroll is a Singapore Payroll Software designed to automate the company payroll processing process. This software provides a simple, smart and easy to use screens to simplify the daily, weekly and monthly HR payroll process.

This payroll software is designed to meet all the Singapore government statutory requirements (IRAS-IR21, IR8A, CPF, MOM), bank GIRO requirements and the latest MOM itemized payslip requirements.


Payroll Basic Career Progration Integrate with Leave Other Features Payroll Report
Dot Matrix Sealed Pay-slip Hire Date / Probation / Confirmation / Retirement / Cessation Date AL / MC / MOM Child Care Leave  … Release / Unrelease e-Payslip for employee to view Customize Your own Report – Just select the data you want
 E-mail Payslip with Password Basic Salary, Monthly Variable Component (MVC), Daily Rate, Hourly Rate, Monthly
Earn Leave based on Hire Date Multiple Company Support Export Report to Excel, Word, PDF, JPEG
CPF Online Submission Department, Branch, Category. Prorate AL, ML as per MOM Rule Data Backup and Restore Monthly Payroll Summary
Bank GIRO Text File Classifation Part-Timer or Full-Time Staff. Unpaid Leave auto deduct from salary and show in Payslip Concurrent Multi User Web Access Yearly to Date Payroll Summary
Online IR8A – Auto Inclusion Position, Salary Grade, Payment Group. Singapore Maternity Leave Entitlement Audit Trial Records OverTime Summary Report
IR21, IR8S, APPENDIX-A Training Records, Eduction Qualification. NS Leave and Claim Calculation Locking the Payroll Entry to prevent Unauthorize Changes Salary Payment Report(Cash, Cheque, Bank Giro or mixture)
CDAC / SINDA / MBMF / ECF / Community Chest Emergency Contact, Email and Home Address. Off in Lieu / Credit Leave Staff Bonus Proposal Head Count Report
Foreign Worker Levy / Skills Development Levy (SDL) Company Assets (Car, Computer, Laptop, Tools)  Cash Back Leave Balance Staff Increment Proposal Employee Bio-Data with PHOTO
Payroll Basic
1. Multi Company management & Multi User access control.
2. Salary paid by hourly, daily, monthly and bi-monthly.
3. Keep track of staff promotion & staff carreer changes like promotion, increment, change branch, change supervisor, change payment group, shift group etc.
4. Unlimited user defined pay element like allowance, deduction can be created & assigned to the employees.Each pay element is subject to CPF / IR8A or not can be set.
5. Staff salary payment mode can be Bank GIRO, Cheque or Cash.
Can be 50% of salary goes to Bank A, another 50% goes to Bank B.
IR8A, Appendix 8A, IR8S, IR21
1. IR8A form can be generated at the end of the year.
System will automatically include the whole year salary, pay elements, Overtime, Shift Allowance,
Deduction etc to the IR8A forms for all the employees.
2. Before submission, HR can preview each employee records, do the necessary amendments on the IR8A, Appendix 8A, IR8S for individual employee.
3. Final IR8A, Appendix 8A, IR8S, IR21 form can be printed for submission or save into PDF format for record housekeeping.
4. For Auto Inclusion participate company, text file can be generated, for IRAS online submission.
1. Based on Employee residential status (Singaporean or Permanent Residence),
Employee and Employer CPF contribution rate can be automatically calculated based on latest goverment rules.
2. Before submission, HR can preview each employee CPF contribution records, do the necessary amendments on the payroll records for individual employee.
3. Once finalize, text file can be generated for CPF online submission.


Computerised Payslip
Computerised Payslip

Dot Matrix Payslip
Dot Matrix Payslip
Payslip and IR8A
1. HR can generated payslip and print to concealed computing paper or A4 paper.
2. HR can email the payslip in PDF and ZIP with password encryption to employee email address.
3. Once finalize the pay records, HR can release/unrelease the payslip for employee to view.
4. Break down details of Overtime, Allowances, Deductions, MVC (Monthly Variable Component) is shown in the pay slip.
5. Payslip can be customized to show employee taken and balance of Annual Leave / Medical Leave.
YTD balance of Annual / Medical Leave can be calculated and shown in payslip.
6. Employee can login to self service portal to view e-payslip and e-IR8A form.
7. The generated payslip meet all the MOM itemised payslip requirements like
Date of Payment, Basic Salary for each salary period, Start and end date of each
salary period, Overtime hours worked, Overtime pay for each overtime payment
period, Allowances paid for each salary period etc.
Payroll Software Utility
1. Training & development management module build in.
2. Fully integrated with Time Attendance Software, Clock Machine, Fingerprint machine & e-Leave software.
3. Audit Trail to keep track the employee career progression and any pay record changes.