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eHR Time Attendance is a time attendance software design to import and process the employee attendance from fingerprint / RFID card / facial recognition and door access machine. With the attendance Time IN and Time Out, information like OverTime, Allowancee, Early out, Lateness can calculated and export to payroll for salary computation.

Team Time provides an easy and smart platform for customer to organisesetup and update employee time attendance, timesheet and overtime schedule. It can satisfy both simple employee attendances monitoring and the complex 24-hours rotating shift environments.

Our customers are from a wide range of professional services organizations such as the Accounting Firm, Software Company, IT Services Firm, Architects, Lawyers Firm, Oil & Gas Company, Advertising, PR consultants, Engineering Firm, F & B outlet, Restaurant, School, Construction, Retail industries and others.

This attendance system can be setup on customer own server or hosted by Teambuild
secure and reliable Cloud computing system.

Fingerprint Attendance Software
Fingerprint Attendance System
Attendance Features
1. Multi Company management & Multi User access control.
2. Automated Hoursly / Daily Time Attendance Machine attendance, capture, import and process.
3. Automatic daily Overtime (OT) calculation . Can be either OT10, OT15, OT20, OT30, Flat Rate, Offday Rate, Public Holiday Rate and different rate for different employee group.
4. Automatic calculate Daily and Monthly Allowances . The allowance can be transport all.
The allowance can be transport allowance, shift allowance, meal allowance, attendance allowance, hardworking incentive etc.
5. Detect any attendance Lateness & Early Out .
Can configure to have penalty deduction after exist the given grace period.
6. Supervisor online shift and work schedule planning. Using the online system or offline excel template, supervisor can plan their staff work schedule for different branch, factory or retain outlet.
7. Access anywhere & anytime using PC, Notebook, iPhone, Android, Tablets etc.
Overtime Approval
1. Three level OT approval.
2. Manager can delegrate to other proxy for predefined period.
3. Admin can approve OT on behalf of supervisor.
4. Supervisor can view and adjust subordinate OT amount.
Attendance Report
1. Daily Attendance Report
2. Individual Attendance Report
3. Monthly OT Report
4. Monthly Head Count Report
5. Monthly Attendace Ratio Report
6. Warning Letter Generation
time sheetTime Sheet
attendance report
OT report
Attendance Software Utility
1. Self Access Attendace module build in. Allow staff to access and view their attendace.
2. Fully integrated with Payroll Software, Time Attendance Machine, Fingerprint machine and
e-Leave software.